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Xiamen Golden Butterfly Garments Co., Ltd. source specializing in the design , production of various types of performance apparel , LED luminous clothes , stage props,
cartoon costumes, ethnic costumes , career apparel. Founded in 1998 , has a unique design capability , professional technical strength , exquisite
craftsmanship . Combined with the trend changes , the use of fashion fabrics , continues to introduce new models to meet the
diverse needs of customers , quality assurance, reputation first.


Our several occasions for large-scale performances , arts organizations , performing arts groups , drama groups and other costumes and props for the system in the country
have a higher visibility. Design, production dance luminous clothes, fluorescent clothing , LED performance costumes, cartoon costumes, national costumes
and so on. There are LED laser dance clothing exported to Japan, Singapore, United States, France , Germany, Italy andother
countries, by the praise of customers.Our own
research and development of innovative LED products, fluorescent clothing ,
LED luminous clothes , fully functional, all kinds of color change according to customerdemand changes , easy to understand ,
can also be voice-activated remote control , changing the rhythm of the music can color , make you
more dazzling stage. This product is a major feature of the company , is the world’s only energy production businesses.The company’s quality
survival, reputation and development . YJHD source Golden Butterfly people with “serious, professional, innovative , adhere
to” the idea of creating a business uniforms, uniforms entertainment ,
performing service professional design and production
of apparel brands. Friendly and willing to cooperate with all walks of life ,
create brilliant.